In Production

We are currently involved in the development of multiple very exciting projects, some have been reshaped on the background of the Covid-19 crisis, some have arisen from the confinement caused by this – and others are just on hold for this time.

We cannot spill too many of the beans here, but two of the projects are portraits of some very interesting and younger chefs in the business.

In Faroe Islands, we will be going into the detail of two Michelin starred KOKS. The restaurant is run by a tiny “family” headed by chef Poul Andrias Ziska; an only 30-year old native to the islands, who we get up close and personal with. Who is Paul Andrias, what motivates and drives him and the KOKS-family?

In Copenhagen, we have spent the last 2 1/2 years following the genesis of the grand Alchemist restaurant project headed by star-chef in-spe Rasmus Munk. The project have shifted from being a documentation of the construction and behind lying ideas – to becoming more of an art project, focusing on the artistic side of Rasmus Munk and his cooking.