Star Chefs

“It’s like scoring the decisive goal in the World Cup finals” – Søren Selin, A.O.C.

The star chefs strive for recognition and are focused on the best tastes and strong visual impressions. Join them the kitchen, behind the facade of some of the world’s best chefs in the gastronomic gem of San Sebastian, diverse New York and with the Danish chef Esben Holmboe Bang at Maaemo in Oslo. Get up close and personal when the new Nordic Michelin guide is announced for the first time, where Copenhagen’s Søren Selin gets his second star and Wassim Hallal from Aarhus can be the first in Denmark to get a Michelin star outside Copenhagen.

The series was shown on the National Danish Broadcasting network DR in 2015 and on Norwegian NRK in 2016.

Watch here (In Danish)
And Here (In Norwegian)